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Why Choose Prime Education?

  • Expert HSC Tutors

    Prime Education is a leading tuition college located in the heart of Chatswood, NSW. We have tutored thousands of HSC students from high-ranking schools, since 2000, ensuring their HSC success.

  • Result Based Tuition

    Prime’s qualified tutors educate our students with passion. We know how to organise our time effectively. Tutoring the right topics at the right time.

  • Focus on Individual Help

    We take care individual students’ needs as we know 100 students have 100 different needs. The mission of all our passionate tutors, who are qualified professionals, is to inspire our students to gain the essential skills and confidence to achieve exceptional results in their HSC.

Effective Programs

Prime’s tutoring programs are always one term ahead than schools so that our students can have great previews of the school topics.

One to One

Prime always ask our students what they are doing at their schools such as school exam criteria and dates in order to help them more individually.

Extra Resources

We have accumulated tutoring resources since 2000, which we can utilise them for helping our students more effectively.

Our Sample Lessons

Happy Students

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