Basic Description of Story Writing

Basic Description of Story Writing

Description in creative writing allows you to add detail.
This detail helps the reader to imagine what is happening in your story.


Describing Colour
Colours are the easiest description to add.
Just look at what you are describing and name its colours!
Better writing uses more than basic colours.
e.g. orange and black stripes of tiger = tangerine and ebony stripes of the tiger


Describing Shape
Describing shape is another simple way to add more to your creative writing.
This includes describing how something is large, small, sharp, flat, round; its space, height, width; or anything else you can think of.
Practise this with things you find around the home:
e.g. A great big lump of a couch that took up most of lounge room.


Using the senses helps to make a reader feel like they are in the middle of your story.
I could barely see a thing.
I heard rain crashing on the roof.
the smell of damp wood.
the taste of sweat on my lips.
the cold, rough metal bar.


By telling the reader how something moves, it helps to give the story action and can tell us more about the characters.
Example # 1
His feet slowly slid across the ground. His knees wobbled and he looked like he was about to fall. With each step, the cane shook in his hands.
Example # 2
He glided across the ground. His knees bent sharply as he made large strides over the ground. The cane spun danced in his hands.


Emotion means you ask – if I were there, how would I feel?
You can use happy, sad, angry – or you got for a bit more detail. Try to imagine what you would do if you were there.
e.g. Her tiny head spun everywhere, there were tears in her eyes, she wandered the same street over and over. Hoping to find her mother.


Atmosphere helps us describe a place or event
Think of it this way: what is the place like? If you were there, what would you be feeling?
e.g. The place was cold and still, like it was stuck in time.
e.g. everyone was nervous, too scared to make a mistake.
e.g. the streets were filled with people jumping with joy.

Summary of Basic Description of Story Writing

Summary of Basic Description of Story Writing
Use these skills to boost your description.
Description makes your story easier for the reader to imagine.
Top Tip: Don’t worry about using too much description in creative writing.

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