Basic Story Structure of Story Writing

Basic Story Structure

A story needs to have an introduction, complication and ending. It also needs to have at least one character and an interesting idea or event to describe. Everything else is up to your imagination.

Introduction to Basic Story Structure

introduction to basic story writing
An introduction is where your story begins.
You set up your characters, and the things that happen in their lives.
You also set up the plot of the story, that is, you start by describing things as they are in their normal lives.

Example of an Introduction

Example of an Introduction
Frank lived in a boring small town in the dry plains in the middle of Australia.
He would spend weekday building a highway for the government, and each weekend at home with the kids.
He liked his food and his television.


The complication is where the conflict or problem happens.
The normal life of the main character changes, and they must also change too.
This is where the story begins to go forward.
The reader learns more about the person, object or event which changes the main character’s life.

Example of a Complication

Example of a Complication
While cleaning his boots, Frank was bitten by a spider.
The spider’s bite made his skin turn white and he felt an awful pain in his left arm.
His wife pushed him into the back of a car and rushed to the nearest hospital…
Two hundred kilometres away


Ending of Story writing
The end of a story is when the problem or conflict is solved.
It is often the most interesting part of the story.
The main character is able to stop the problem or conflict.
At this point the story can finish.

Example of an Ending

Example of an Ending
His heart was in great pain with fifty kilometres to go. Each breath was weaker and weaker.
He saw a bright light. He reached out towards it.
He felt death touch him.
The next thing he saw was a doctor, a nurse, and his family. He felt no pain anymore.

Summary of Basic Story Structure

Summary of Basic Story Structure
A simple story has a(n):
Introduction – everything is introduced
Complication – the problem or conflict happens
Ending – the problem or conflict is solved.

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