Common Mistakes in Essay Writing

Common Mistakes in Essay Writing

There are many common mistakes in essay writing which are easily remedied.
In this video, we’ll go through each one and some simple solutions.

Informal Writing

Common Mistakes in Essay Writing: Informal Writing
Informal writing is inappropriate in an essay context.

The reason for this is informal terms are often ‘indefinite’.

For instance, writing ‘that’s just the way it goes’ doesn’t really have specific meaning, and could easily be replaced by a specific detail.

Needless Complication

Essays don’t need to have complicated arguments.

You should focus on trying to either reduce the wording or simplifying the language used in your writing.

With skill and practice, you can further develop the sophistication and depth of your arguments.

Discussion and Evidence

Common Mistakes in Essay Successes Discussion and Evidence
Using evidence in isolation is pointless.

e.g. The theme of death is communicated in the text ‘Destiny’.

“And with a touch of his blade, she fell’. The evidence and the idea in this case can go together, but here we don’t see it proven or developed in any way.

Undeveloped Arguments

Arguments or main points need to be developed.

There are a number of ways an argument can be undeveloped:

  • Not elaborating on a main point made in introduction
  • Failing to properly develop a topic sentence
  • Not developing a main point effectively

Poor Links to Question

It is one thing to write a great essay response.

But it needs to link to what the question is asking.

Be sure you check the question thoroughly.

This is also one of the reasons that preparing essay responses in advance before exams fails.

Waffle, one of Common Mistakes in Essay Writing

Essays which are too vague or ‘waffle’ with irrelevant ideas are a common fault.

The best way to stop waffle is constantly ‘evaluate’ what you write.

Ask as you go ‘is what I’m writing matching what I’m trying to do?’

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