Constructing Sentences in Essays

Constructing Sentences in Essays Writing

There are some basic principles you should stick to when Constructing Sentences in Essays.
Let’s look at the basic process and how to guarantee what you are writing is creating meaning.
We’ll also combine this with an example which we’ll expand on as we go.

Basic Idea of Constructing Sentences in Essays

Your sentence should be trying to link the subject and your answer together, and develop your argument.
‘Drugs kill people’…
is an example, but not a very strong one.
For one, its meaning is quite vague.
It needs more detail.
So let’s add some.
Adding some detail will help to make your argument specific and proven.
It also shows analysis skills and expands upon your initial idea.
‘Abuse of either illicit or legal drugs can be fatal to their users’.
This link is a bit stronger, but detail could be more specific.


Adding some specific detail from a text or referring to exact details is even better.
“Statistics from The National Drug Prevention Centre has found that the abuse of illicit or legal drugs results in up to a thousand deaths per year in Australia, and it is for this reason that users of any drug should be cautious.”

Constructing Discussion and Evidence

Constructing Discussion and Evidence
You must try and work your evidence into your discussion.
In other words, NEVER write evidence or a quote as a single sentence on its own.
Tie evidence in with the rest of your discussion; your specifics should bond your ideas to a logical answer to the question.

Choosing the Right Specific and Discussion

Choosing the Right Specific and Discussion
You must ensure you answer an essay question with discussion and detail.
Writing discussion and evidence in a way that is linked is a quality of all good responses.
It shows you can use evidence to support your ideas with reasons.

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