Essay Writing Structure

Introduction to Essay Writing Structure

Essays often sound tough, but they are the easiest way to write a long answer.
In this lesson, we will look at how to write one.
structure of essay writing


Start your answer, and list what you will be writing about


Write about the ideas that will answer your question


Re-write what your ideas are and say why you have answered them

Arguments, Keywords and Definitions

Before we start going through how an essay works, we need to go through three terms that we will use to describe what you do for essay writing structure.
Argument = all of the main points you are going to write about in your essay.
Keywords = words which are important parts of the question
Definition = A one-sentence summary of your whole essay which you write in your introduction.
We will go through some examples in a moment.

Basic Introduction

To write your introduction, follow these steps. Each of these steps means you start a new sentence.

  • Rewrite the question using keywords, include the name of text(s) and author(s)
  • Write a one sentence answer (definition)
  • List all of the main points of your argument

Example of an Introduction

example of introduction essay writing structure
Are pigs able to fly? (Question)
Pigs are unable to fly. (Re-write of question)
They cannot fly because their bodies do not allow them to. (Definition)
They are too heavy to float, they do not have wings or propellers, and they cannot control aircraft. (Main Points)


The body forms most of your essay.
It is the most important part of each essay you write.
In your body, you must argue all of your main points and explain why they answer your question.
Each main point should be in a new paragraph.

Body Parts

Each main point should be in a different paragraph. Each paragraph should be set out like this:

  • Topic Sentence: a short sentence where you repeat one main point from your introduction.
  • Discussion: Explain why your main point is right and give reasons why.
  • Evidence: Proof that you get from a text, a quote, or a ‘fact’. It should prove that your answer is right.
  • Lead out: Finish the main point so you can go to the next.

Example of a Body Paragraph

Pigs are too heavy to float. (Topic Sentence)
Their large bodies and weight mean that they are not able to float, which is one way a creature can fly. To float a pig would need to be lighter than air. (discussion)
A pig weighs 200 kilograms, and because of this weight, it is not lighter than air. (Evidence)
For this reason, a pig is unable to float and cannot fly. (Lead out)

Conclusion of Essay Writing Structure

conclusion of essay writing structure
A conclusion is a short summary of everything you have written in your body paragraph.
It should ‘tie’ everything together.


As pigs are not able to float, they do have wings and cannot control aircraft, they not able to get into the air, and therefore cannot fly.

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