Plan, Showmanship, Thematic Essay, Related Texts

Plan, Showmanship, Thematic Essay, Related Texts

Hope explains about Plan, Showmanship, Thematic Essay, Related Texts.

  • A Reminder: Guide to Structuring a Thematic Essay

    Follow this structure strictly and you will have a very logical argument. Complete the dot points in this order. Use this guide to PLAN your essays BEFORE you write them.


    • Use some keywords from the question.
    • Use your thesis idea to interpret the question.
    • Use some keywords from the Syllabus Rubric

    These 2-3 sentences make up the integrated response and should answer the question as either a YES, NO, YES, BUT, or NO BUT type answer.

    • Name ALL the texts being discussed.
    • List the first published date in brackets after the text’s name.Name the composers who made them.
    • Say what kind of texts they are – poem, novel etc.
    • Give brief info about each text’s genre, theme and context.
    • Indicate what new idea your additional material will bring to the argument.
    • Indicate the argument you are going to make and list your 3-4 main points in order. 

    Paragraph structure: (x 3 or x 4)

    • Topic Sentence: introduce the main point and link to question with key words.
    • State language technique.
    • Support with quote.
    • Explain how this effect makes the theme.

    Repeat this group within the paragraph when detailed support is desired.

    • Concluding sentence which links this point to your answer to the question.


    • Create a tone of finality with words like “Ultimately, finally, etc”
    • Use some more words from the syllabus rubric and the question.
    • Explain how these three main points show or support your answer to the question.
    • Explain what your texts say generally about your theme i.e. belonging.
    • State the significance of the work: how this affects you / society / etc
    • Leave the audience with a mature philosophical/social idea to think about. ( A “beard stroking” moment)
    • AVOID introducing any new ideas, comparisons.
  • Plan

    1. Revision on area of study essay writing
    2. Choosing additional material
    3. Using additional material in essays
  • A little thing called showmanship…

    Today we are going to look at a few Area of Study essay questions and practice the structure and style of essay writing. Do your best to use the details of your current school studies in your work – it’s a good idea to bring your set texts and notes from school with you to tutoring.

    • Success is achieved in essays through sophistication and flair
    • This can only be achieved through practice
    • Today, answer questions using your own related and class material
    • Practice essays allow you to build your writing confidence
  • Writing a Thematic Essay

    • Draw on what you have previously learnt about essay structure and style
    • Select texts to use for a Thematic Essay
    • Apply your knowledge to texts so you can increase the sophistication of your essays and the confidence of your style.
  • Choosing Related Material

    • Keep a portfolio or scrapbook of texts: publish date, composer, source and context
    • Search for texts by famous authors – read what the critics say, find out if it’s relevant
    • Ask teachers, tutors and parents for suggestions of classic texts 
  • What should I look for?

    • Fool’s Gold
    • Important: follow the guide for related material we will examine
    • Do not use texts just because:
    1. They’re your favourite
    2. A friend recommended them
    3. A teacher recommended them
  • The importance of Related Texts

    • Every student studying Standard and Advanced English sits Paper 1
    • You must stand out with interesting, high quality and difficult related texts that will impress the marker
    • The marker will judge you on the quality of your text
  • The Golden Rules of Selecting Related Texts

    The text-type should be different from your prescribed text and from your other additional material choice.

    You should have one older classic and one contemporary classic Range of 50 years and Booker Prize or Academy Awards.

    A complex additional material is easier to use than a simple one.

    • Complex themes
    • Address multiple questions
    • Avoid: cartoons, children’s books, short poems

    Your additional material should have ONE strong link to your prescribed text, but everything else should be different.

    • Support
    • Something new to say

    Avoid choosing:

    • Editorials
    • Advertisements
    • feature articles
    • cartoons
    • song lyrics
    • non-fiction texts
    • Shakespeare

    Your additional material should have ONE strong link to your prescribed text, but everything else should be different.

    • Support
    • Something new to say

    Avoid pop-culture or teen/children’s films or books.

    • Twilight
    • Transformers
    • Disney
    • Anime

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