Preparing Sophisticated Answers

Preparing Sophisticated Answers | Questions and Answer Skills

How do you prepare a sophisticated response for an essay or another piece of writing?
In short, you do not and should not.
It should not be your focus.

Why Not Sophisticated?

Why not Sophisticated
When someone says ‘sophisticated’, they often mean it ‘sounds good’.
But a response that sounds good isn’t necessarily so.
It requires skill to be able to use ‘sophistication’, and it often fails more students than it helps.
This is because of:

  • expansive but poorly chosen vocabulary
  • philosophical but irrelevant statements
  • overuse of language
  • unclear and confusing statements
  • excessive commentary
  • a lack of focus on answering the question

Sophisticated Answers by Other Means

Sophistication by Other Means
Your response becomes sophisticated by becoming complete.
This means that every argument is reasoned; and every point raised is backed by solid evidence and other relevant details. This should be your focus.

Achieving Complete Responses

Achieving Complete Responses
Complete responses are those which have strong main ideas which are proven.
For each main point you raise you need to do two things:

  • provide an answer
  • prove it

Your sophistication depends on how well you do it.



You provide an answer and prove it by:

  • establishing a clear main idea
  • focusing your discussion toward pleading your case
  • using evidence that clearly has a link between it and your discussion
  • ensuring all goes back to the question

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