English Extension 1 and 2

  • Prime′s Extension English classes focus

    on the more sophisticated research, essay and creative writing skills required by this course.  In this university-style class, we provide Year 11 and 12 students with 4 extension skills booklets to support independent study, as well as weekly handouts, including supplementary literary texts and criticism, tailored to each student’s needs.
  • There will also be opportunities

    for review, marking and detailed feedback for student’s work and assessment tasks – including the provision of HSC-identical exams.
  • We teach all the prescribed HSC Extension modules and texts

    including the genre courses: Life Writing, Comedy, and Science Fiction, the contextual studies courses: After the Bomb, Romanticism and Navigating the Global, and the postmodern theory courses: Language and Gender and Textual Dynamics.
  • The class teacher offers Extension 2 mentoring

    as part of this class which includes preparation for viva voce, how to write reflection statements, and ongoing review of drafts, critique and fine editing of the student’s major work.
  • We also teach the Year 11 module

    Texts, Cultures and Value. This is the only module for the preliminary HSC, with individual schools making their own textual and thematic selections. We are able to create content and lesson materials as required to cater to these individual selections and each student’s needs.
  • Extension English is often poorly supported by schools

    as it is considered an ‘independent research’ module, where the student completes more than 80% of the subject at home.
  • Prime makes sure that you are keeping up

    up with your extension work on a weekly basis to ensure you achieve a profound understanding of your topic, and reach your ATAR potential.

Yearly Planner – Year 12 English Extension

  • Term 4 (October - December)

  • Summer Holiday (January)

  • Term 1 (February - March)

  • Autumn Holiday (April)

  • Term 2 (May - June)

  • Winter Holiday (July)

  • Term 3 (July - September)

  • Spring Holiday (October)

Tegan Schetrumpf
English Teacher

Tegan Schetrumpf

Tegan has several degrees from the University of Sydney, including a Bachelor of Medical Science, a Master of Letters in English, and a Master of Arts Research in the field of Australian poetry. Her thesis won the Dame Leonie Kramer university prize, and her essays and poetry are published in Australia and internationally.