At Prime, we believe our people are our most important asset.
Prime People share common traits which are critical for success:

  • Academic excellence in subjects taught

  • Real passion for teaching and helping students

  • Confident communicators adept in patience and care


Dr Ji Li PhD

Ji studied a PhD in Pure Math at Macquarie University and is a Senior Lecturer in Mathematics there. He has a deep love for Maths, specialising in Harmonic Analysis. He has held several lecturing positions both in Australia and overseas, and has obtained numerous research grants for his projects. Ji ensures that Prime’s Maths resources are kept updated.

Ms Catherine Koh BCom

Catherine studied a Bachelor of Commerce in Actuarial Studies at the University of New South Wales. Catherine has 11 years of experience teaching Maths. Her greatest joy is seeing students who previously were not strong in Maths end up doing well. Catherine teaches Maths at Prime.

Mr Stanley Luk BAdvSci
(ATAR 99.75)

Stanley studied a Bachelor in Advanced Science in Maths and Computer Science at the University of Sydney. He came 1st in the State in Extension 2 Maths in 2017. He is a great communicator and loves showing others how to improve Maths problem solving techniques. Stanley teaches Maths at Prime.

Mr Sabbab Chowdhury BMed, MD
(ATAR 99.6)

Sabbab studied a combined Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Adelaide and commands a very high level of understanding of mathematics. Coupled with an innate ability to facilitate learning within the classroom, he is a great communicator and teacher. Sabbab teaches Maths at Prime.

Mr Daniel Haque BAppFin, BActStud

Daniel studied a Bachelor of Applied Finance and Actuarial Studies at Macquarie University. He is a natural leader and communicator both in the classroom and outside on the soccer field. Daniel tutors Maths at Prime.

Ms Jenny Fu BEng(Hons), MTeach

Jenny studied a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (First Class Honours) at the University of New South Wales and a Master of Teaching in Secondary Maths at UTS. She has a working background in engineering and is deliberate and precise with everything she does. Jenny teaches Maths at Prime.

Ms Rachel Gray BEng

Rachel studied a Bachelor of Engineering at the University of New South Wales. She is very passionate in explaining math concepts and bringing English texts to life. Rachel tutors Maths and English at Prime.

Mr Martin Gossow BSci(Adv)

Martin studied a Bachelor of Science (Advanced) at the University of Sydney. He has an avid interest in solving mathematical problems and the dramatic arts. For his HSC, he achieved an outstanding 97/100 for Extension 1 Maths. Martin tutors Maths at Prime.


Ms Tegan Schetrumpf MA, MLitt

Tegan heads up our English department with more than 14 years of teaching and resource creation experience. She studied a Master of Arts Research in Poetry and a Master of Letters in English from the University of Sydney. Her greatest passion is in teaching others how to write with a purpose. This passion has been growing since high school, when she scored a remarkable 49/50 for Extension 2 English in her HSC. Tegan teaches English at Prime. She is also the main author of and oversees all of Prime’s English resources.

Ms Grace Frith BSci, BEd

Grace studied a Bachelor of Science with Bachelor of Education at Macquarie University. She has three years of experience teaching English and Maths. It may come as a surprise that although hailing from Tamworth, she has no love for country music at all. Grace teaches English at Prime.

Ms Fay Muhieddine BA, LLB (Hons II)

Fay studied a Bachelor of Laws (Hons II) and a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Technology, Sydney. Prior to joining Prime Education, she practised as a solicitor for several years, leading to highly developed written and verbal communication skills. Fay teaches English at Prime.

Ms Anjali Wijeratne BCom, LLB
(ATAR 99.3)

Anjali studied a combined Bachelor of Commerce and Laws at the University of New South Wales. Her highly developed communication skills makes her an effective English teacher within the classroom environment as well as being a strong tutor personalising to the needs of each individual student. For her HSC, she attained an amazing 48/50 in English Extension 2. Anjali teaches English at Prime.

Ms Heidi Liu BCom, LLB
(ATAR 99.85)

Heidi studied a combined Bachelor of Commerce and Laws at the University of Sydney. She has three years teaching experience and is a high performer, achieving an ATAR of 99.85 while taking HSC subjects like Business & Legal Studies that all-rounders generally avoid. Heidi teaches English & Maths at Prime.


Dr Jeanette Hurst BSc, PhD

Jeanette has a PhD in Physical Chemistry in the field of molecular spectroscopy. Jeanette has worked as a chemistry lecturer for the University of Sydney for more than 28 years and during this time she has developed and implemented many outreach programs for high school teachers and students. Jeanette has played a major role in supervising and training PhD students and post-doctoral staff to lecture and demonstrate to teachers and students. Jeanette continues to help educate and mentor high school teachers and university and high school students. Jeanette has been instrumental in the development of Chemistry resources for Prime in line with the new syllabus.

Mr Reginald Young BSc

Reginald has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Pharmacology from the University of Sydney. He has more than 5 years of teaching experience and is passionate about the impact that studies of Chemistry have on the understanding of the world. Reginal teaches Chemistry at Prime.

Dr Kelly Jacobs BAdvSci(Hons), PhD

Kelly is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Macquarie University and has 6 years of experience teaching university and high school chemistry. She is a distinguished writer having published several research papers in renowned journals and recipient of multiple research awards and scholarships. Her passion lies in building up chemistry knowledge from a grass roots level. Kelly teaches Chemistry at Prime.


Mr Leonard Cheung BSc(Hons), MSCO

Leonard studied a Bachelor of Science (First Class Honours) at the University of Technology, Sydney and a Master of Science Communication Outreach at the Australian National University. He has received the Dean’s Merit Award on multiple occasions for academic excellence. He has a strong fascination in science communication for both Physics and Chemistry. Leonard ensures that Physics resources are kept up to date at Prime.

Ms Samhita Soman BEng

Samhita studied a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of New South Wales. With over four years of teaching and mentoring experience, Samhita is passionate about encouraging students’ interest in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). She accomplishes this by relating complex Physics concepts to simple real-world examples. This makes the learning experience constructive and enjoyable for our students. Samhita teaches Physics at Prime.