This course is for those studying Year 11 Maths Advanced in 2019 and covers:

  • Advanced topic – Functions

You’ll get:

  • Classes taught by experienced teachers
  • Challenging work booklets, homework and daily tests
  • 4 days x 2 hour engaging theory lessons = 8 hours total


  • What You′ll Get

    Benefits of Prime’s Year 11 Maths Advanced Summer Holiday Course:

    • 4 days x 2 hour engaging theory lessons – master topics faster by learning them before school
    • Challenging work booklets, homework and daily tests – know content and reinforce your understanding
    • More out of your school holidays – an effective study rhythm and more time to revise
    • Confidence in topics that you learn – higher problem solving capability, maximising your exam results
  • Class Structure

    • Homework Revision – Check for anything that’s been unclear or needs revisiting
    • Topic Test – The only way to make sure that previous content is retained
    • Theory Lesson – Key mathematical concepts taught are supported by practical applications to ensure understanding
    • Questions? – Get answers before leaving the classroom
  • Year 11 Maths Advanced Summer Course Content

    Prime’s essential Year 11 Maths Advanced Summer Holiday course covers the Functions topic area, including: 

    • Domain and range 
    • Circles 
    • Exponential and hyperbola 
    • Limits and regions 

    These topics will bring you up to speed with the Advanced Maths program that we run ensuring that you continue to have the edge and help that you need. It will get you ready to officially start Year 11 at school as well.