This course is for those studying Year 12 Chemistry and covers:

  • Module 5 – Equilibrium and Acid Reactions

 You’ll get:

  • Classes taught by top-ranking teachers
  • Challenging work booklets, homework and practice questions
  • 8 days x 2 hour engaging theory lessons = 16 hours total

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  • What You′ll Get

    Benefits of Prime’s Year 12 Chemistry Summer Holiday Intensive Course

    • 8 days x 2 hour engaging theory lessons – Master the Module 5 topics by going through the whole course in 8 days
    • In-depth work booklets – With questions that reinforce and challenge your understanding
    • Challenging questions – Apply your understanding of chemistry concepts to real world problem solving questions
    • Confidence in topics that you learn – Maximise your exam results
  • Class Structure

    • Homework Revision – Check for anything that’s been unclear or needs revisiting
    • Theory Lesson – Key chemistry concepts taught are supported by practical applications to ensure understanding
    • Practice – Test your ability with questions ranging from intermediate to challenging difficulty
    • Questions? – Get answers before leaving the classroom
  • Chemistry Module 5 Content - Equilibrium and Acid Reactions

    • Introduction to Equilibrium
    • Disturbances to Equilibrium
    • Equilibrium Constant