Four 2-Hour Lessons for Extension 1: HSC Exam Preparation
  • 02.30pm-04.30pm
  • Monday-Thursday, 01-04 or 08-11 Oct 2018
Four 2-Hour Lessons for Extension 2: HSC Exam Preparation
  • 12.15pm-02:15pm
  • Monday-Thursday 01-04 Oct 2018


  • Year 12 Maths Extension 2 Spring Holiday Course

    • Get ahead in the school holidays
    • Extra preparation for HSC exams

    Our ‘HSC Exam Revision Courses’ have been designed to prepare students for the highest possible scores in their HSC examinations. Just as importantly, this program gives students the opportunity to complete a large part of their exam preparations ahead of their peers, reducing stress levels and study loads in the challenging weeks before their exams.

    These highly beneficial programs are the result of extensive collaboration with hundreds of teachers across the state, with each teacher adding their expertise to our courses and materials. This gives students the rare opportunity to benefit from the advice and information being delivered in many top performing schools, preparing students to a standard that cannot be achieved by only attending one school.

  • Students Will Receive

    • 4 x 2 hour intensive practice lessons
    • Comprehensive work booklets
    • Fully worked solutions
    • Detailed feedback
  • Students Will Achieve

    • High level of confidence in topics learned
    • Ability to minimise careless mistakes
    • High capability in problem-solving
    • Maximised ATAR results

Additional information

Extension 1 Class

(A) Mon-Thu, 01-04 Oct, 02.30pm-04.30pm, (B) Mon-Thu, 08-11 Oct, 02.30pm-04.30pm

Extension 2 Class

(A) Mon-Thu, 01-04 Oct, 12.15pm-02.15pm