This course is for those studying Year 7-10 English and covers the Stage 4 and 5 NESA English syllabus text-types of:

  • Visual Texts – Films and Paintings
  • Voice-based Texts – Novels and Dramas

You’ll get:

  • Classes taught by top-ranking teachers
  • Development of strong vocabulary for textual analysis
  • 2 days x 2 hour engaging theory lessons = 4 hours total
  • A 2 hour skills development workshop of your choice – extra workshops can be enrolled in separately

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  • What You′ll Get

    Benefits of Prime’s Year 7-10 English Summer Holiday Course:

    • 2 days x 2 hour engaging discussion-based modules – Learn to discuss camera shots and angles, stage directions, eye-dialect and more
    • A 2 hour skills development workshop – Build confidence in a specific area that you want further development. Extra workshops can be enrolled in separately
    • More out of your school holidays – An effective study rhythm and more time to revise
    • Confidence in concepts that you learn – Critical thinking, analysis and creativity
  • Class Structure

    • Content Overview – Clear outcomes and expectations set
    • Theory Lesson – Grasp a firm understanding of concepts and techniques
    • Practice – Comprehension, writing and feedback to get up to speed
    • Questions? – Get answers before leaving the classroom
  • English - Visions and Voices

    To help you start strong in the new school year, Prime is offering an English holiday program designed for students in grades 7-10.

    Over 3 days, Students will gain vocabulary of analysis for visual texts such as films and paintings, and voice-based texts such as novels and dramas. These are text-types required by the Stage 4 and 5 NESA English syllabus.

    After two 2-hour class modules, you will be comfortable discussing camera shots and angles, stage directions, eye-dialect, and more.

    On the final day, you will have the option to participate in two skill-development workshops: Essay Writing and Creative Writing.

    Bring along an essay or creative piece you have worked on at school, past or current, or choose a question from the Prime modules as your project. As you work independently, tutors will answer questions, give guidance, and individual feedback and marking.