Simple Tips for Better Stories

Simple Tips for Better Stories of Creative Writing

Do you find it hard to be creative? Do you think all of your ideas for stories are boring? Is it hard for you to start a story?
This video will focus on some ways you can try to write better stories.

Tip One: Care about It

Tip One: Care about It
Are you interested in something? Write about that. It is always better to write about something you care about.
e.g. If you like football, write about going to a game. Or playing a game. Or anything else that is based on your love of it.
Ask: What makes it special to me? What do I like about it? How can I describe it to someone who has never seen it?

Tip Two: Write it for Someone Else

Tip Two: Write it for Someone Else
Rather than writing a story that you would like, try writing a story someone else might like.
It could be your mum, dad, sister, friend or someone else. Think about their interests and what they would enjoy about it.

Tip Three: Use your Life

Tip Three: Use your Life Tip Three Use your Life 1
Your own stories are always the best kinds of stories.
That is because it is easier to describe and write it in a way for others to imagine.
e.g. You would tell a better story about Paris if you have been there rather than seen it in books or on TV.

Tip Four: Research

Tip Four Research
If you are writing about something that you do not know much about – do research.
A few minutes searching the internet make a huge difference.
For instance, getting a picture of a horse makes it much easier to describe it.

Tip Five: Be Yourself

You don’t have to pretend to be anyone other than yourself.
You can use:

  • Your opinion: e.g. cats like themselves too much
  • Your interests: e.g. the only way to relax is to spend hours in front of the television watching reality shows.
  • Your feelings: e.g. It was like someone had kicked me in the shins, I just couldn’t stand and watch anymore.
  • Your values: e.g. I believe in God, and there’s nothing bad in my life that makes me think I shouldn’t

Summary of Simple Tips for Better Stories

In short, a story should be something that shows off who you are and what you believe in.
It might be boring to you, but it’s a lot more exciting to someone else. And it’s better than laser-guided ninjas, too. That’s already been done.

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