Techniques for Essay Success

Techniques for Essay Success of Essay Writing

In this video, we will go through some simple strategies that you can use to overcome the hurdles of essay writing. ‘Simple’ is probably the best approach. You don’t need to be a master linguist to get a High Band Six.

1. Have a Plan

Have a Plan
Structure is where you will earn most of your marks. If your essay is structured well, and is readable, you are well on the way to getting your argument across. This is one of the techniques for essay success

2. Develop Clear Ideas

Develop Clear Ideas
Your ideas need to be clear and concise. It is only through your discussion that you expand upon these ideas and develop them in a more meaningful way. Having obscure or poorly defined ideas make it difficult for a marker to interpret your essay, as well as what your answer is trying to indicate.

3. Incorporate Evidence in Discussion

Make clear links between your discussion and evidence; in other words, make it clear that the evidence you are using proves your point. If you use a quote, you must justify why it’s there.

4. Depth is Key

Depth is Key
There is a difference between a complex argument and a deep one. Developing a complex argument is tricky, and often it is needlessly so. A deep argument is one that covers ideas in detail. That is, you should be able to explain comprehensively and without doubt why your interpretation is correct.

5. Group Small Ideas into Large Ones

Group Small Ideas into Large Ones
It’s better to have a couple of ‘big’ ideas than lots of small ones. It’s also necessary for developing the depth that is needed for a strong essay. Having lots of small points may cover a wider area, but it won’t do so in such a way to prove it is true.

6. Review, Not Edit

Review, Not Edit
Editing an essay is ‘fixing’ things; whereas ‘reviewing’ indicates you are being critical of your own work. By reviewing your work, you should concentrate on making improvements after your initial draft. This can help you if your ideas are unclear or if your sentences are unclear.

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