Witness Contextual Values Violence Corruption

Witness Contextual Values Violence Corruption of Close Studies

Witness Contextual Values Violence Corruption is part of Close Studies.

What Do You Need to Know About Witness?

  • Contextual Values
  • Themes
  • Possible Genres
  • 3 Act Film Structure
  • Cinematic Techniques
  • Language Techniques
  • Scene Names
  • Songs & Film Score

Contextual Values of the Amish

Contextual Values of the Amish

  • Godliness: religion influences all other aspects of daily life.
  • Humility: to call attention to oneself through behaviour or dress is sinful.
  • Simplicity and Tradition: traditional machinery and farming techniques are used, simplicity is valued.
  • Work Ethic: hard work and physical labour are virtuous and are considered a way of honouring God.
  • Pacifism: Non-violence is a moral and religious value. Amish may not engage in personal violence or participate in wars.
  • Communalism: Amish devote their lives to church and community over and above their personal interests.

What is the Film About?

What is the Film About

  • Universal Themes
  • Violence
  • Corruption
  • Justice
  • Restoring Order
  • Cult Behaviour
  • Community
  • Two Worlds Colliding


The nonchalance in the Murder Scene where the police casually wash blood of their hands shows a desensitisation to violence.
The Buggy Scene where Book punches a tourist contrasts Amish pacifism with American readiness to violence.
The Gun Lesson Scene where Eli explains to Samuel why violence should not be used sums up Amish attitudes but also the problems with the way America uses violence to solve problems: if corruption hides itself, how can you tell who to kill?


The police, who should fight against corruption, have become corrupt themselves.
Samuel’s innocence is corrupted by witnessing the murder.
In the ironically named Happy Valley Scene, the extent of corruption of American society is evident in drug use, crime and community break down.
Samuel and to an extent Rachel have their Amish values corrupted by their contact with Book and the outside world.

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